"A good stance & posture reflect a proper state of mind"

Office workers who are desk bound for much of the day suffer

Why ?

Working long hours in a day contribute to biomechanical postural changes. Especially when we are fixated in a prolonged position for hours on end.

The solution ?

Muscle Medicine Melbourne offer assessments to correspond with your treatments of MYOTHERAPY 

Identifying the cause of your presenting symptoms, strained muscles or stiff joints due position in which you’re spending your working days. Either way, we have a resolution.

We offer:

  • Work station assessments
  • Consultancy for individuals or companies/employees needing ergonomic advice
  • Assemble workstation assessments to suit your company’s needs, including ergonomic positions, evaluating detailed assessments, or group corrective sessions overviewing all your staff.
  • Postural correction techniques and methods through corrective exercise programs

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