"Good technique the ultimate corrective"

Why is corrective excercise important?

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Corrective excercise with Myotherapy

Corrective exercise a exercise technique which is very simple & different from other generic exercise programs. It begins with a detailed analysis of the physical arrangement of the body. 

Muscle Medicine Melbourne will use analyse any imbalances or deficits that could be affecting our patients individual performance by his/her daily activities. 

After this analysis, a very specific corrective exercise and flexibility program will be developed to help correct the body's structure and bring it back to its normal stronger functioning state. Designed to make positive changes to our individual patients movements and range of motion where they will be educated to concentrate on the underlying cause of the pain, as we believe at Muscle Medicine Melbourne making this our fundamental principle. 

'The best way to eliminate or minimize pain is by eliminating the cause, targeting the source of pain. Identifying the dysfunction'.

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