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Kinesio, FFT & RT

There are a few different forms of taping options and techniques.  

Administered alone as a stand alone service and would only require a short consultation or more commonly it is used in conjunction with your other treatment's when needed at Muscle Medicine Melbourne

Kinesio taping 

Kinesio taping is popular within the sporting industry because of its ability to allow a normal range of motion of the joints. 

This tape has elastic properties and is 'applied on a stretch' to the skin. Kinesio tape does not provide much support for an area however it can be useful as an in between step for an athlete who is transitioning from rigid taping back to tape free state.
After injury and one of the main benefits is that it will generally give the athlete added confidence. To perform back at full capacity

Fascial Functional Taping 

FFT as it is more commonly known is used to assist in supporting a pain free physical state for rehabilitation. FFT taping will still allow you to have range of motion.

Rigid taping 

Implemented when the goal is to restrict a range of motion at a joint and minimise the movement occurring. Commonly used as an injury prevention measure, specifically within sports which require lots of change of direction or 'Sharp agile' movement's. 

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