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Dry Needling


"Just because the same tool is used doesn't mean the same job is being performed"

Dry needling is a treatment option available at Muscle Medicine Melbourne

A technique that is very well suited to use for a range of presenting musculoskeletal conditions.
Whether you're a Office worker, tradie, elite or amateur athlete. Giving great results to acute and chronic conditions.

The aims of dry needling at Muscle Medicine Melbourne is to decrease local muscle tightness and tension that has been identified by the initial assessment. Resulting in dysfunction where the body is not ready to benefitted from other manual therapy techniques. Dry needling is a far more precise and specific approach in order to decrease hypertonic muscle tension and pain.  

Our therapist's will identify through palpation of the muscle's if they think you will benefit from getting treatment with dry needling or not. If the therapist conclude's that there would be limited benefit with using the technique based on the palpation and your presenting complaint then an alternative treatment will be put together that better matches your need's. 

Past experience have shown that there are specific areas that respond extremely well to dry needling and the result's are normally quite different to hands on treatment options. 

Dry needling will be recommended as a preferred treatment option in our initial consultation or throughout treatment if we think that you will get better results from this. We will work a plan out based on our findings in correlation with you're lifestyle, training or competition schedule. 

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