Massage for Children in Melbourne

Benefits of Pediatric Massage?

Children are the future

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0 - 7 years are the most crucial years to shape any child's physical & psychological perspective of life.

  • Soft tissue therapy stimulates the body in positive ways to help grow and development

  • Aids the body fighting toxins, parasites, bacteria, microbes, pathogens and viruses

  • Engages cognitive development, increasing alertness as well as responsiveness and accuracy

Children are great immitators

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Children will be exposed to stress, which as they get older learn to cope. Stress may come from school, family disputes or... even play time with their friends. Stress can cause psychological problems and postural change a display of lack in confidence, misbalancing the immune system affecting potentially hormone imbalances.

  • Increases neural motor development, decrease muscle tension reduce pain in development and is recommended for children with Autism and Down syndrome.

  • Supress stress hormone levels and blood glucose levels

Infants, preschoolers, teens or even young adults

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Reduce feelings of anxiety contribute to a healthier immune system

  • Compliments childrens sleep

  • Great for any skin or arthritic conditions

  • Great for muscle development in children

  • Improve and prevent environmental postural change

Myotherapy and Remedial Massage

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